Monday, 12 February 2018

M3 Stuarts - WIP

Something a bit different, hopefully this picture will make clear how I'm reusing the left over bits from the PSC M3 stuarts to crete some extra ones for my British 8th Army

The back and front lower hull plus the driver's hatch/vision slits were made by creating Oyumaru press moulds from the relevant PSC parts. The air filters are plastic rod with a green stuff pipe. The gun is plastic rod with a blob of green stuff for the mantlet.

I'm sure if I costed my time it would definitely be cheaper to buy more PSC kits instead, but I do enjoy the challenge

Saturday, 10 February 2018

M3 Stuarts for Battlegroup Torch

Keeping up the theme, this time some M3 light tanks from Plastic Soldier

The yellow star decals were from I-94 sold by Pendraken, but the yellow stripes were hand painted.

I'm not sure how much more Torch specific equipment is needed, but I now have enough decals left over to cope.

Thursday, 8 February 2018

Lees for Battlegroup Torch

A while back I squirrelled away some of the Fabri diecast Lees from "The Works" so with the forthcoming release of Battlegroup Torch I thought it was time to get them painted as US and particular with the distinctive yellow stars

As yellow stars are difficult to find I painted them using the existing Soviet markings as a template

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Pictures from Vapnartak

The demo games on the ground floor this year were very samey, the more interesting ones where up on the mezzanine level

The battle of Meggido 1918 (yes it does look very familiar - its a variant of the game at other shows)

Nice eye-candy, but becoming boring

A Sudan game, but lots of empty space

The usual display, supposed to be the battle of Preston

Upstairs was where the real interest was.

A nice bit of snowy terrain for a fantasy game

An Italian wars game, spot Leonardo's tank which has broken down.

A nicely presented game

WW2 Urban combat

Actium - 31BC

The galleys are interesting

As I was manning the Lance & Longbow stand I didn't get much time to view the show, but the table sale was a scrum. It wasn't the nightmare of "Not-Derby" but they need to rethink the way the use the space for the whole show to reduce the number of blockages. Also reduce the size of the downstairs demo game tables and fit a couple more in.

Purchasing, very little - a book on the second Barons war, a couple of packs of figures, I-94 decals and some Army painter washes.

Monday, 15 January 2018

You can never have enough T34s

Another batch of "The Works" diecasts repainted, this time the T34/85s. They were originally white and I thought I could dirty them up enough, but in the end I decided to repaint from scratch.

Tagging along in the rear a pair each of SU100s and SU122s

This brings my overall total of T34s to 29

Friday, 12 January 2018

Some winter repainting

After the panthers, some more heavy metal - five IS-2s

The vehicles are the Fabri die-casts sold by "The Works" and stored away for a rainy (snowy) day. I replaced the decals on four of them to add variety.

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Some winter panthers

Finished the trio of Plastic Soldier Company panthers, lovely models but a bit big.