Monday, 22 May 2017

Pictures from Partizan

An unexpected bit of luck. On my way back from holiday my wife agreed to a diversion to Newark so I could attend the Partizan show for the morning. Just as well as the L&L stand was short handed. But I still managed to have a good look around in the time available to me.

Picture of things that interested me (in no particular order)

Blitzkrieg Miniatures - Ardennes - maintaing my interest in snowy scenery

Their desert game ( a rather strange mix for the desert, especially the Sexton)

Bunker Hill 1775

Nice to see the Light Infantry "sneaking" along the shore

Charlestown a bit to close to the action

ECW (1)

ECW (2), where I would have liked time to watch how the game progressed

SYW with the lovely Crann Tara Miniature, shame they are 28mm

The Perry's lovely Egypt 1801 game

Inspiring stuff, I must get back to the period again

And build some limber teams, both camel and horse drawn in 20mm

ECW(3) Inverlochy

Poles v's Swedes - lovely figures but the cloth destroys the whole effect (compare this with the Sudan game later)

I have played some of these actions, and I'll be reworking my Poles in due course

Nice German Mercenaries (maybe a use for my leftover TYW figures)

Dresden 1813 - again a game I'd have liked the time to watch how it worked out.

The Grosser Garten is a nice piece of scenery.

League of Augsburg's impressive game.

Lots of ideas for eastern European scenery

Maybe some more animated wagons?

Or maybe an artillery park

Cambrai 1917 - lovely to see the tanks breaking out into the green fields

Lots of eye candy

Sudan 1890 - along with the Perry's the most impressive game at the show.

The printed rippling sand cloth is just right (apparently the 12 x 6 cloth cost £150!!!)

A reminder that I need to make a thorn bush "zariba" (and maybe the ballon

And a track section under construction

Finally the classic wargame of the show - clothes pegs french & Indian war. The great thing was they were showing the kids how to make/paint them.

Overall, it was a great show to visit, and the journey home was not as long as expected, so maybe I'll make the trip again another year

Sunday, 14 May 2017

TYW Swedish Allied Cavalry rebased

Back to the Thirty Years War rebasing. Another six units each of 9 figures leaving 18 spare to be organised into new units.

These are a selection of Hessian, Saxon and Danish units

Having completed these I've run out of mounting card for rebasing

Friday, 12 May 2017

German Trucks part 4

My final truck from the PSC packs. A DAK flak truck inspired by one painted by Piers Brand over on the Guild

As before the 20mm flak is from Zvezda with some head swaps

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

German Trucks part 3

Another variation on the theme - the cargo bay sides and rear were cut down and a Zvezda 20mm Flak added.

Monday, 8 May 2017

German Trucks part 2

Starting from the same basic trucks as the last post these have been winterised

So slowly I'll build up a late war German force for winter campaigning.

Saturday, 6 May 2017

German Trucks part 1

My first batch of Plastic Soldier Company German trucks. These will be combined with four existing Pegasus trucks to provide transport for a couple of Rapid Fire Panzer Grenadier battalions.

I need to sort out some stowage and figures to put in the back of the Maultiers

Thursday, 4 May 2017

On the workbench - May 2017

It's not going to be a very productive month as I'll be travelling quite a bit of the time. The main emphasis will be on rebasing the TYW figures. The Plastic Soldier German Trucks are almost finished so watch this space. Otherwise I might just grab something out of the stash to add a bit of variety to the boring rebasing task.